What to Bring to a Summer Vacation Rental

04.06.2010 In: Travel tips

With the kids out of school and the entire summer ahead of you, planning a summer getaway is always a wonderful way to spend the time. This summer, stay away from the crowded hotel resorts and rent a relaxing summer cottage by the lake. Most rental cottages are privately owned and are decorated according to the homeowner’s personal taste. Therefore it’s always important to bring along some personal items to make your new home away from home feel like your own personal space.

• Bed Linens: Rental cottages will provide bedding for guests to use. Although, it’s always nice to bring along your favorite pillow to rest your head against at night and perhaps a decorative throw or blanket to cuddle up in while lounging on the porch swing at night.

• Towels: Vacation rentals will provide basic bathroom linens for the guests to use during their stay. Some summer rentals, however, may not provide outdoor beach towels or lounge chair covers, so it may be good idea to bring enough beach towels to take along to the shore or on a boat. The Tote ‘n Towel, exclusively made by Pioneer Linens, is an oversized beach towel and lounge chair cover that converts into a beach tote with pockets to store keys, sun tan lotion and a great book! A wonderful seaside accessory!

• Kitchen Utensils and Groceries: All vacations rentals will have a fully working kitchen stocked with all the necessary cooking utensils and some dried condiments. However, if you are a cooking connoisseur there are probably a handful of items you just can’t be without in the kitchen. So bring along your favorite chef’s knife, zester, peppermill and spices to make the summer cook-outs a breeze!

• Paper Products: There are sometimes, if any, a limited amount of paper products, such as toilet paper and kitchen towels, available when arriving at a rental cottage. You very likely could purchase these goods at the local grocery store upon arrival, but in case you are arriving at night it’s always a good idea to be prepared, especially if traveling with small children. Also, bringing along some decorative disposable cocktail napkins and guest tips is a nice way to add your personal touch to the home and can make great hostess gifts when meeting your new summer neighbors.

• Games and Entertainment: The homeowner’s of the rental cottage don’t always know what type of people may be renting their home for the summer. In that case some rentals may not be stocked with games, music and entertainment. When packing for your summer vacation, bring along your favorites board games, a deck of cards and a great music selection for a summer full of fun!