Vacation rentals in Florida - come see Disneyland!

19.07.2010 In: World travel news

You have decided to bring your family to Disneyland in Orlando for a family holiday vacation. You do know that getting a comfortable hotel room for a family of 4 or more is usually a hassle because there is only one television set and your children will fight over which program to watch.
What is more, with only one bathroom, cleaning up and dressed is like waiting in a long queue for a thrill ride in, well, Disneyland. Your family will feel cramped, stifled and tempers can flare up easily unless you book two hotel rooms and that may be expensive in Orlando especially in hotels nearer Disney World.
Is this really a holiday vacation hotel room or a prison cell? Is there any better way to enjoy your Disney holiday?
Well, you certainly have other accommodation options such as staying in vacation rentals homes. Do you know that even Disney is in the business of renting out vacation homes? This is certainly an indication of the high demand of vacation rental homes in Orlando.
You can either book your vacation rental homes with Disney, your travel agent or the local home rental businesses. There is certainly no shortage of them in Orlando.
Vacation rental homes come in many shape and sizes and they range from 3 or more bedrooms. An up-market 3 bedroom rental vacation home could have 2 or 3 bathrooms so that everybody can shower, do what people normally do when they visit the bathrooms and everyone get ready at their own leisurely time.
Then, there may even be television sets in every bedroom so that your children need not fight over their favorite television program.
Since most, if not all vacation rental homes in Orlando come with a fully equipped kitchen, you can always choose to cook rather than eating out in expensive restaurants so as to cut down the cost of your family vacation.
What is even better, you can even dine al fresco style by the poolside under the stars without breaking any rigid hotel standing orders.
With a private swimming pool at your vacation rental home, every family member can have a dip and sun bathe under the tropical sun for a much needed sun tan without jostling with other hotel guests. Most vacation rental home’s swimming pools are enclosed with a net to keep out annoying biting insects thus allowing you absolute freedom to swim anytime without having to endure pesky irritating insect bites.
There are many beautiful villas for rental along the Florida coast where you can enjoy the sun, sea and fresh air in the comfort of your own vacation rental home. Your children will love frolicking in the sea, playing on the lovely beaches building sand castles by just stepping out of your vacation rental home. How much more convenient can it get?
Just like any full serviced apartments, many convenient services can be hired in vacation rental homes such as you can have laundry facilities in your holiday rental home at no extra cost.
If you think that cooking and washing dishes is a hassle, you can even order home deliveries. Again this saves you time and money as laundry services and dining can be quite expensive in hotels.
Therefore, when you are considering a family Disney vacation to Orlando, do give consideration to staying in a vacation rental home so that you can have a pleasant and fun filled holiday with your beloved family.