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Carnivals are celebrated around the world in hundreds of cities, ranging from celebrations that attract just the odd few tourists to those that attract hundreds of thousands of spectators. Many of the larger ones are internationally renowned, such as the Rio Carnival in Brazil, though in Europe one of the most popular Carnivals is celebrated in beautiful Venice, Italy.

When and Where is The Venice Carnival in 2010?

The Carnevale di Venezia is an annual event that is steeped in history, dating back to the 1200’s and earlier. Although it has not taken place every year since it first began, it has been an annual occurrence since its revival in 1979.

Like Carnivals around the world the specific dates for the Carnival of Venice are dictated by Easter and so they vary somewhat from year to year. You can work out the dates for future years by knowing that the Venice Carnival begins two Fridays before the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday! Confused?! Basically it starts on a Saturday then runs for one and a half weeks until ending on Mardi Gras Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. For 2010, this means the Venice Carnival will happen from Saturday 6th February to Tuesday 16th February.

The whole of Venice becomes a platform for the Carnival with different events happening here and there. St Mark’s Square is usually the hub, but during the nearly 2 weeks of celebrations you’ll find people wearing masks all over the city.

Of course Venice is one of the world’s most popular cities when it comes to attracting tourists anyway. You can combine your Venice Carnival experience with sightseeing around this truly beautiful city; enjoy a gondola on the canals, cross the famous Rialto Bridge, marvel at the architecture of St Mark’s Square, and visit just a few of the many excellent museums. And although Venice has hundreds of places to stay, from 5 star hotels, to holiday rental homes, to accommodation for those on a budget, places do get booked up quickly for the Carnival of Venice. Make your arrangements as early as possible.
What is the Venice Carnival ?

Like the majority of carnivals around the world, the Venice Carnival has its main roots in the religious calendar – read more about the history of the carnival below – but what sets the Venice Carnival apart from others is the masquerade aspect of it.

The Venice Carnival has its origins in the mid to late 1100’s though it was not until 1268 when the event had grown and masks first made an appearance. By 1296 the Carnival of Venice became an official event and the Senate of the Republic declared the day before Lent as a public holiday.

Since way back in the 17th century the Carnival of Venice has been a top tourist attraction, attracting wealthy Northern Europeans who came to city to enjoy themselves. The fact that masks were worn meant that people could remain relatively anonymous, and it allowed the lower classes of Italian society to rub shoulders with the upper classes. This type of celebration combined elements of earlier Roman and Pagan festivals were festival-goers could let loose and enjoy debauchery!

The masks remain the trade mark of the Carnival of Venice and there are many excellent shops in the city where you can buy a mask, from the most beautiful to the frightening! Masks are on sale throughout the year, not just during Carnival time, though obviously during Carnival time they are in much higher demand!

Visitors will find that along with many people wearing masks and lavish costumes there are numerous different events taking place around the city. The arts, including ballet and theatre, music and other performances usually take a central seat though the exact schedule varies from year to year. The events for the 2010 Carnival of Venice have not yet been announced, so visitors who are interested in finding out more can check the organiser’s official website nearer the time.
A History of the Carnival

Though many people think of the Carnival as being a time of partying and revelry it’s sometimes easy to forget that the tradition and history of the carnival was generally dictated by the religious calendar. It’s true today that many of the visitors who come to enjoy the Carnival of Venice are coming for the experience and to see the masks and exquisite costumes that people don during this time, forgetting the fact this is essentially a religious event. So how exactly did the Carnival come to be?

Well the exact origin of the word ‘carnival’ is disputed, though two common origins have similar meanings. Some say the word comes from the Latin, ‘carne vale’ meaning ‘farewell to meat’, while others believe it is the Italian phrase ‘carne levare’, meaning ‘to remove meat’.

The idea was that the carnival was a way of using up rich foods and meat just before Lent as the forty days of Lent was a time when no rich foods, fats, dairy, meat or sugar should be consumed, and no parties or other celebrations could take place. So the whole community would get together and have a huge party, in which the idea was to eat, drink and be merry!

However, celebrations like these can sometimes be traced back even further, as much as thousands of years. Some aspects of ancient Roman festivals, such as Saturnalia, are said to have been incorporated into the Italian carnival, and in other parts of the world the origin of the carnival comes from pre-Christian times, proving that a Carnival does not necessarily have to be a religious event. The famous Notting Hill Carnival in London for example, takes place in the summer and is very much a non-secular festival.

All being said and done, the Carnival of Venice is a major tourist attraction and it really doesn’t matter whether you’re a Christian or not. This is a fun and entertaining event that can be enjoyed by everyone!
Visiting the Carnival of Venice

The Carnival of Venice is visited by people from around the world and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. If you want to be one of those thousands who visit the next Venice Carnival you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to buy a ticket to gain entry into the city so you can enjoy the general celebrations for free. Once the programme of events is advertised for 2010 there may be some special events that you wish to attend and for these you may need to buy a ticket to gain entrance. Keep checking the Carnival of Venice official website for further information on this.
Getting to the Venice Carnival

Being such a popular city Venice is well connected to Europe and the rest of the world. Most visitors will likely come by air, and with so many people visiting the city at once this is probably the best option for travelling to Venice.

By Air:

Venice is served by two international airports the major of which is Marco Polo International Airport on the mainland, yet only a short distance (4.9 miles /8km) from the city centre. There’s an excellent choice of airlines from around the world offering flights to here including British Airways, Air France, Delta Air Lines, KLM, and US Airways.

The second airport is Treviso Airport, but at 12 miles (20km) from the city centre it is further to travel. This is used by some budget airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air.

First Ever Winter X Games Europe will take place at Tignes Resort in March 2010

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First ever Winter X Games Europe to take place at Tignes Ski Resort in France in March 2010

ESPN, CANAL + Events and Tignes Ski & Snowboard Resort will launch the first Winter X Games Europe March 10-12, 2010. The event will be the first Winter X Games held outside the United States. The event will bring together ESPN's world class X Games franchise with France’s leading pay TV broadcaster and local expertise of Tignes. A definitive list of the world's top winter action sports athletes will be invited to France to compete for medals and prize money. There will be eight different competitions over three days, including Ski and Snowboard SuperPipe and Slopestyle for men and women as well as a Snowmobile demonstration.

CANAL + Events CEO, Jean Louis Dutaret said, “We are delighted...

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Ski resorts across the country used the Thanksgiving weekend to jump start their winter seasons, but with every passing year comes a frightening realization: If global temperatures continue to rise, fewer and fewer resorts will be able to open for the traditional beginning of ski season.

Warmer temperatures at night are making it more difficult to make snow and the snow that falls naturally is melting earlier in the spring.

In few places is this a bigger concern than the American West, where skiing is one of the most lucrative segments of the tourism industry and often the only reason many people visit cash-strapped states like Utah during winter.

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Easter Island eclipse 2010

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Easter Island, located in the South Pacific and governed by Chile, will be in the spotlight in 2010 – July 11th to be exact – when the next solar eclipse occurs.

Totality will be shorter than the recent eclipse seen in India and China, at about 5 minutes in length. Combine the spectacle of the sun’s disappearance itself with the islands unique flora and fauna and iconic statues, and many will be flying south to witness this amazing event.

Chile's LAN Airlines flies there from Santiago with wide body 767's, serving as the only link to Easter Island from South America; the flight continues to Tahiti.

Pick-your-own fall season fun

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NEW YORK - Pick-your-own orchards are expected to have a strong fall season, thanks to consumers staying closer to home for leisure activities and an increased interest in local food and lower prices.

"Because of the whole staycation-daycation thing, a lot of our members are saying business has been good," said Kathy McKay, spokeswoman for the North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association. "People are looking for things to do near home instead of getting on a plane."

"We have not heard of any apple U-picks going out of business because of lack of business," agreed Todd Hultquist, spokesman for the U.S. Apple Association, who says the top three states for pick-your-own apples are Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania.

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The 7th annual Fall Travel Trends Survey conducted by Travel Leaders reveals that it is hard, if not nearly impossible, to de-throne the wildly popular domestic and international travel options offered by Las Vegas and Caribbean Cruising even in a tough economic year. With the exchange rate more favorable than at this time in 2008, London has seen a resurgence in its popularity among international destinations while Chicago and Washington D.C. continue to move up in the rankings domestically. The survey includes information from 452 Travel Leaders agents, managers and owners.

It could be that we’re seeing the light at the end of this long dark economic tunnel as more Travel Leaders are expressing optimism on their business outlook than just one year ago,” noted Roger E. Block, CTC,...