Vacation Rental is Rising in Terms of Popularity in the Travel Industry

01.03.2010 In: World travel news

There’s no place like home. Even the most luxurious hotel cannot give you that homely feeling. No hotel bed is ever comfortable enough, regardless of how highly rated, or how high priced the hotel is, because it feels like a hotel, not home.

Many travelers prefer the homey environment of a home rather than a hotel, motel or inn. This is why “vacation rental” is rising in terms of popularity in the travel industry. It basically means renting out a fully-furnished house or condominium room for a predetermined period of time. This type of accommodation is adequately equipped to ensure a comfortable stay away from home for travelers.

Compared to most hotels, vacation rentals offer more space for the guests and more amenities. In addition, there is generally a fully functional kitchen, better entertainment amenities and laundry services, which is a great asset when the whole family or a big group of friends travels together. Some vacation rentals offer special services such as private chefs, daily maid service, and a butler. Besides, since guests can converse directly with the property owner, it is more flexible in terms of prices, special requests and conditions.

Culture travelers find vacation rentals more alluring compared to staying in a hotel since they get to experience more of the local culture in such an environment and these vacation rental homes are more “real” than overly decorated hotels.

Vacation home rentals are less expensive compared to hotels, but they offer the same level of luxury as those hotels. By renting directly from the owner, guests can avoid taxes, tips and other extraneous charges. People on a shoestring budget may find a home more appealing because they save the cost of dining out since they can cook in the provided kitchen area.

Vacation rentals provide a more personal feeling and guests can speak face-to-face with the owner if anything comes up. It is more tailor-made and more hassle-free because there is no rigid formality or unnecessary complications.

However, vacation rentals are not a “perfect” option because there are, inevitably, some risks. As vacation rentals are not usually monitored by a central managing company, you only know what you get into when you actually arrive to the place. Another disadvantage to vacation rentals is the lack of on-site staff to deal with any on-the-spot problems that you may encounter. Cleanliness and security can also be a problem because there is no certain standard.

There are several ways to find a vacation rental such as via travel agents, yellow pages and the Internet. There are a bunch of web sites offering vacation rentals worldwide. You can look for a residence by specific search based on destination, number of bedrooms and types of amenities included in the property.