New tourist attractions in Egypt - don't miss it!

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King Tut is certainly more famous now than in his own time. The boy king died suddenly at the age of 19, before he could make a monument, or even a name, for himself. But just look at him now. He, or at least his stuff—the gilded masks, the lapis lazuli necklaces, the ornate thrones—is on a second blockbuster tour, traveling the world displayed safely behind glass in grand museums. Meanwhile, the pharaoh himself lies mummified in a decidedly unroyal-looking tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.
You could line up with the throngs and plunk down about $28 to see a few of Tut’s treasures, or you can hop a plane and see the royal mummy—and thousands of other ancient artifacts—on their home turf, where they have context, relevance, and meaning. There’s never been a better time to visit the cradle of civilization: Egypt is on a tear to open newly restored antiquities. Beginning now, and for the next three years, the government will inaugurate an impressive 22 new museums and attractions throughout the country—all in anticipation of the vast sums of tourism money likely to flow into the country as a result.
This month sees the opening of the mind-boggling Avenue of the Sphinxes on the east bank of the Nile River, a promenade of 1,350 lionlike statues that once linked the opulent temples of Karnak and Luxor. Though archeologists weren’t able to unearth the entire avenue—it would have destroyed much of the modern town of Luxor built atop the ruin—a sizable portion of the alleyway was uncovered, exposing 900 original statues. Also on view are the remains of a Roman village on the site, complete with a large-production bakery, a wine factory, and a residential neighborhood, as well as several unearthed cartouches of Cleopatra, which experts believe prove she visited the grand avenue.
Also this month, Abusir, situated just outside Cairo between Giza and the vast burial ground of Saqqara, will open, showcasing a collection of 11 pyramids that have long been off limits to tourists. Just south of Saqqara, less than an hour’s drive from Cairo, the NK Cemetery has been revealed, allowing access to its painted tombs of the less-famous (though not less extraordinary) royal family members Maya and Horemheb.
Saqqara itself deserves a serious visit. It’s home to the stunning 4,700-year-old step pyramid of Djoser, which will also open late this summer for interior tours. There are 16 pyramids on the site, in varying degrees of dilapidation. Even those that look like piles of rock can offer good examples of pyramid advancement. There’s early graffiti painted on a tomb wall, likely left by hoodlums during Jesus’ time. Most impressive, though, is the hewn-stone building complex—once used as gathering spots and administrative offices for the pharaoh and his cronies—considered to be the oldest of its kind remaining anywhere on earth. Strolling through the complex, you can easily imagine what the village must have looked like abuzz with robed ancient Egyptians instead of today’s fanny-packed sightseers.
A visit to Saqqara and Abusir could also include a look at the 4,600-year-old bent pyramid of Dahshur, thought to be the first true flat-sided pyramid. The bent pyramid’s interior chambers will finally be opened to tourists this December. That same month, visitors to the very recognizable pyramids of Giza will find that the touristy camel and horseback rides, along with the trinket salesmen and most of the panhandlers, are gone, replaced by wide-open spaces and slender paved roads to accommodate electric trams. “We’re cleaning up the site,” says Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. “We are finally giving these great pyramids the respect they deserve, and changing them from a zoo to a preserved park.”
For those who can’t make it to Egypt this year, there is still plenty of opportunity to catch upcoming debuts. The Grand Museum, opening near the pyramids of Giza in three years, will be the largest museum in the world, with 100,000 objects, including 4,500 objects from King Tutankhamun’s tomb.
There’s also a lot going on in the city of Alexandria, founded 2,300 years ago along the banks of the Mediterranean by Alexander the Great. The restored Royal Jewelry Museum is now reopened with hundreds of royal Egyptian jewels, portraits, and furnishings, housed in a grand Belle Époque palace. Nearby, several museums are currently under construction, including properties that showcase mosaics, ancient textiles, Greco-Roman culture, and maritime artifacts. The Egyptian government is working with UNESCO to construct an underwater museum to reveal the many treasures that lie submerged just off the coast due to the rising sea. Interested visitors can stay on top of current museum and attraction openings by visiting Egypt’s official Supreme Council of Antiquities Web site:
Perhaps most exciting is the archeological dig 186 kilometers west of Alexandria to find Cleopatra and Marc Antony’s tombs. The exploration has centered on a temple built, in part, by Cleo herself. So far the site has yielded remarkable treasures, including several gilded mummies and so many fragments of sphinxes that Hawass, the country’s chief Egyptologist, believes the temple was lined with its own avenue of sphinxes. The dig is closed to the public but can occasionally be accessed by savvy tour operators. And there’s more to come; Hawass is currently negotiating for the return of the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum and for the bust of Nefertiti from a museum in Berlin. Stay tuned; on your next visit you may get to view these, too.

Indian weddings in Thailand: the real deal

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT Mumbai office together with Indian wedding organizer, Red Events India Pvt Ltd, have undertaken the mammoth task of arranging for over 400 Indian couples to get married in Thailand during the current Green Season.
The first group of weddings took place at the JW Marriott Phuket during June 21 – 25 (& July 1st – 4th), while the second group will take place at the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok during July 15 – 20, 2010. The weddings are expected to generate more than Bt1 billion in earnings for the local economy.
Weddings and honeymoons are part of the TAT’s global marketing campaign to stress niche market tourism. In recent years, Thailand is becoming increasingly popular among Indian wedding couples and honeymooners as well as for the...

Australia and Canada - countries the Chinese would like to visit the most

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Only a few weeks after finalizing its Approved Destination Status (ADS), Canada has already ranked the third most popular tourist destination among Chinese looking to travel abroad, according to a survey released Monday.

In a telephone poll of 1,080 people living in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the "Research Report on China's Outbound Tourism Market" found Australia the most desired destination of prospective Chinese travelers, followed by Singapore and Canada.

The report was conducted jointly by the Vancouver-based SUCCESS Foundation, EMR International and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada.

Japan ranked fourth, just ahead of the United States, South Korea and New Zealand. Europe (16 percent), currently the most popular Western destination with Chinese travelers after...

Medical tourism around the world

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Medical tourism is the latest buzz in healthcare industry around the world. Over a period of twenty years an array of hospitals and health care centres has developed, providing affordable medical facilities to patients, in accordance to United States, Canada and Europe.

No more patients have to wait in long queues for treatment or for getting best health care services at cheap prices. With the opening of state of art medical facilities in developing and developed countries, a patient is secured of getting assured medical treatment at a reasonable price.

United States and Europe considered as “Mecca for medical treatments” are no longer looked as high as they were earlier. The recently opened health care centres around the globe have procured the best of doctors and...

Top 10 Sensational Lakes

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As far as bodies of water go, lakes are like poor, neglected stepchildren. People acknowledge their presence but don’t necessarily go out of their way to spend time with them.

Oceans, seas and rivers are usually where the tourist action is at. But no longer, we say! Just have a gander at these ten terrific and unusual lakes around the world. They’re truly some of the most sensational natural wonders on Earth.

10. Taal Lake – Luzon, Philippines

This freshwater lake in the beautiful province of Batangas in the Philippines may not be the largest in the country (it’s in second place), but it certainly is the most stunning. Visitors can cross the lake and ride on horseback to the top of Volcano Island for unforgettable views.

9. Crater Lake – Oregon, U.S.A.


Great North American Travel Destinations In June

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The United States of America is home to some of the most spectacular views in the world. From the snowy mountaintops of the Sierra Nevadas in eastern California to the subtropical swamplands of the everglades in southern Florida, we have access to just about every variation of ecosystem imaginable. With so many cheap hotels and cheap airline tickets within our reach, it's definitely something to take advantage of. Being just after spring, when the weather is nice and the vegetation is in full bloom, June is the perfect time of year to plan a getaway. There are many destinations that are exceptionally beautiful during the early summer month of June.

Flagstaff, Arizona sits in the mountains at an elevation of 6,910 ft. Known for its crisp, refreshing mountain air; Flagstaff is...

Favorite Minnesota Lake Vacation Spots

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Minnesota is known as the “land of 10,000 lakes,” so it’s no surprise that a favorite Minnesota travel destination is one of the many vacation lakes in the state. But because there are so many lakes and resorts to choose from, picking one isn’t always easy.

Even so, each Minnesota lake vacation spot has its own unique features that distinguish it from the others. Here are some of the most popular travel destinations to Minnesota lakes and their resorts. Whether a fishing, boating, or other outdoor enthusiast, any one of these vacation lakes is sure to deliver.

Minnesota’s Lake Superior – The North Shore

The North Shore of Minnesota’s Lake Superior, which runs from Duluth to Grand Portage, is a choice Minnesota vacation spot no matter what time of year. The largest...

Top 10 underrated U.S. cities

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Everyone knows cities like New York, San Francisco, and Chicago are among the best in the U.S., but there are many other fabulous — albeit smaller — American cities that just don't get their fair share of the limelight. Whether their proximity to a bigger city steals their thunder or a recent city makeover remains undiscovered by the masses, the cities on our list are oft-overlooked by even the savviest of travelers. If you're looking to broaden the scope of your trips to include some less-talked-about places with great art scenes, friendly locals, delectable cuisine, and rich history, add one of our ten most underrated cities to your "must-see" list.

1. Baltimore
Native blue crabs seasoned with Old Bay are reason enough to visit Baltimore, but there's much more to experience in...

The Curmudgeon's Guide to the Best Big Cities of Europe

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What's the best place in Europe?" is the inevitable question asked a million times, a question as impossible to answer as "how long is a piece of string?" Imagine: if we all lusted after exactly the same place, the world would likely wobble out of its orbit from the weight imbalance. But there comes a time when the hapless travel writer must take a long gulp on his Bourbon and Branchwater and apply himself to the impossible task of telling people what their favorite places ought to be without knowing their likes, dislikes, or inseam measurements. Harumph...and so be it.

London England

Who Should Go:

* Tourists afraid to be in a country where they don't know the language (remember not to leave anything in the boot of your car while in London!)
* Pale penny-pinching...

Country Life And Rural Travel Values

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Rural life provides that certain satisfaction when you are in direct contact with natural things. The freedom of the outdoors with its acres of space provides an uncrowded, more healthy and relaxed lifestyle, living in a beautiful and tranquil environment, at peace with one's soul and his fellow man.

Surrounded by the atmosphere of its past, the glorious countryside is a never failing source of pleasure with the song of birds, the murmur of insects and the humming of bees, every town and hamlet, every hill and valley is like a picture postcard.

Country life and rural values, a special place where time seems to stand still and a way of life that has been handed down from generation to generation in all its variety and vitality. Country life, with its strong family systems-its people...

Travel 2010: Shanghai, Vancouver, Mexico, Orlando

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Forecasts for 2010 predict that more people will be traveling, but the numbers are still well below what they were before the recession. Still, if you can afford to get away, interesting events will drawing visitors to destinations around the world, from Shanghai to South Africa to Orlando.

And here's a surprise: Mexico is turning up on some top 10 lists for 2010, despite the swine flu epidemic and worries over drug violence.

DESTINATIONS: Several destinations will be in the tourism spotlight in 2010 thanks to headline-grabbing events, including the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Feb. 12-28; the FIFA World Cup soccer games in South Africa, for a month beginning June 11; and the Shanghai World Expo, May 1-Oct. 31, a 21st century world's fair that organizers are hoping will...

Great Ways to Spend Valentine's Day in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Wondering what to do on Valentine's Day? Why not start a new Valentine's Day tradition this year? Here are some unique ways to enjoy the holiday with the one you love. For more traditional options, read my articles on St. Louis' Top Ten Romantic Restaurants or St. Louis' Best Places to Buy Chocolate.
Valentine's Hike at Shaw Nature Reserve
Enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your Valentine at the Shaw Nature Reserve in St. Louis County. The reserve is hosting a special evening hike for couples the night before Valentine's Day. Couples will also enjoy hot chocolate and delicious desserts by the fire. The cost is $25 for members and $30 for non-members. Reservations can be made online.
February 13, 2010
7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
(636) 451-3512

An Evening at the Symphony
Spend an...

Top 10 Romantic Destinations

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Ah, the romance of travel… Here are ten places where I have become starry-eyed, beguiled and bewitched by the moment, the place and the person with me. I dare you to visit and not fall in love!

1. St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Undeveloped, unspoiled and cloaked in emerald green rain forest, the mother island of St. Vincent also boasts an archipelago necklace of pristine tropical islands for the most perfect get-away-from-it-all experience. This is the spot we have chosen to renew our wedding vows after 30 years of marriage.

2. Treetops Lodge, Kenya
There is something wonderfully powerful, primeval and romantic about staying up all night together in this atmospheric old wooden lodge built on stilts among the trees overlooking a waterhole and watching the nocturnal activities of...

Saint Valentine's Day 2010 in Prague

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Prague is a beautiful, mysterious and marvelously romantic city. It is the right place to be during the celebrations of Saint Valentine's Day. Just explore all corners of this ancient metropolis, stop at some of the typical cafés or restaurants, enjoy a ride on a horse team through a historical downtown, or get on a boat cruise featuring dinner. You can just also roam the streets of Prague, which will host a Bohemian Carnevale during the Saint Valentines' weekend. The carnival will feature the march of masks, street gaiety, entertainment and excellent gastronomy.

Our Tips

Visit the ninth Anniversary Wedding Fair held in the hotel Diplomat in Dejvice from February Friday 13th until Sunday 15th. Proceeds from a voluntary cover charge will go to the Tereza Maxová Foundation. If you...

10 Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations

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If you are planning a winter trip, it's time to get booking. But first you must decide where you will go. Europe might be good choice for winter holiday destinations. An European tour which you can visit different places and meet different cultures might be a good adventure for you. Check my Popular European Winter Holiday Destinations list, before you decide to go holiday. Here we go.

All employees have for weeks of vacation every year. To go on vacation, while some prefer the winter months, others prefer the summer months. (But generally people summer months.) Each season is good.

When it comes to winter vacations, you have many options from which to choose. You can choose Europe, US, Asia or anywhere. But Europe has most popular winter vacations. Each city has different...