Top 10 ways to look confident on your journey

28.03.2011 In: Travel tips

Don't play the fool on April 1. Here is a list of the Top 10 ways to avoid looking like a "foolish" tourist, helping you decrease your chances of being approached with insistent offers of souvenirs, tours, or unscrupulous timeshare salespersons. Walk, talk and act like a local, no matter where you are in the world:

1. NO fanny packs - also known as the Buffalo pouch, hip sack, waist bag, hip pack or bum bag, nothing says "I'm not from around here," like a bulging hump around your midsection.

2. Plan ahead - There is nothing wrong with consulting the map in private to gain your bearings, but try and avoid the dazed "where am I?" expression, especially in crowded city streets.

3. Camera see, camera go - for those who are not professional photographers, try and avoid the tell-tale tourist warning sign of a camera strapped around your neck. It might be a better idea to have it reappear whenever the need arises only.

4. Comfort over style - Comfortable shoes in any environment are a must. For all those ladies who love the look of their legs in high heels, please note that tripping on your four-inch, peep-toe platforms when on a hike will only result in pointing and laughter.

5. Big wallet, small pocket - try to avoid the ever-embarrassing backside bulge by only carrying the essentials - ID, one major credit card and cash for the day. And if at all possible, try and tuck them into different pockets, as this will not only make you look leaner, but also possibly prevent you from looking like you have something of value to be stolen.

6. Grow up - Showing off your love of Mickey or Minnie Mouse was fine when you were six, but there should no longer be a place for the couple on the front of your clothes today, or any cartoon character for that matter.

7. Avoid sunburn - If you are prone to falling asleep while lounging in the sun, escape the ever-embarrassing tomato-coloured burn by bringing an alarm of some sort with you to the beach to plan your flip over schedule.

8. Dress for the weather - When traveling to the Caribbean for example, it's safe to say you can leave your winter toque at home. And in general, avoid wearing sandals with socks, especially knee socks. This look serves absolutely no climate.

9. Minimal is best - This goes for makeup and jewellery. Leave the sparkle to the reflection of the ocean and especially in hot climates, nothing looks worse than raccoon eyes and melted make-up streaming down your face.

10. Order locally - As the saying says, "When in Rome..." Try to avoid ordering the most obscure drink you can think of to attract attention. When traveling Down Under for example, try ordering a Tooheys instead of a Corona.