The solitude of small Australian islands - one step from heaven!

09.08.2010 In: Vacation rental news

Did you ever wish you could just escape to an island for a while? Have you ever craved the peace and serenity of being castaway on a desert island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean ? Well, if these situations sound like paradise for you and you are heading to the Tropical North Queensland region of Australia, then you really should give some thought to looking into some of the more isolated accommodations positioned on the islands just off the Great Barrier Reef.
If you happen to be looking for an island that’s about as close to desolate as they come, then look at a stay on the wonderful Bedarra Island. Located approximately 2 hours by boat or about a half hour by helicopter off mainland Australia you can find that this spot features a mere 16 isolated villas. Privacy is certainly at the top of the list, as to the characteristics that Bedarra Island has to supply with villas which are located within the rainforest and yet are only minutes from the beach. Each which has its own private balcony and ocean views, you will find that a stay here is nothing short of paradise.
Dunk Island is another island that is known for its monstrous accommodations along with for its isolation. About 4km off the coast of Australia’s mainland, you are going to find that this area provides units that range from extraordinary suites to garden cabanas. A stay at this location is one of enchantment as the natural atmosphere of the rainforest flora and fauna and exciting tropical birds and creatures make this an experience you will not soon forget.
Lizard Island is among the bona fide treasures situated off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef and offers 40 guest rooms, villas and suites for the comfort and ease of their guests. Guests can get pleasure from wonderful hospitality, fine dining in addition to 24 outstanding beaches to choose from. Lizard Island is everything you would really want from being alone with your partner on an island, yet with all the hospitality of staying at a 5 star resort as well.
There are several amazing Tropical North Queensland accommodations, not solely on these islands but on the mainland as well. In these stunning natural surroundings you are most likely going to come across all the peace and tranquility that you would like in this wonderful, tropical setting no matter where you decide to stay.