World Heritage towns and sites will receive a new promotion

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Bestowing responsible tourism awards is an initiative of the leading Italian travel trade daily, L’Agenzia di Viaggi, the professional journal for tourism under the patronage of Enit, Fiavet, and Uftaa. With the award “TRI (Turismo Responsabile Italiano),” L’Agenzia di Viaggi identifies the products of responsible tourism and companies engaged in this important segment of the tourist industry as a means to promote responsible travel among agencies and travelers.
In collaboration with World Tourism Expo (WTE), the award focuses on TRI combinations of tourism and culture to "promote travel slow, emotional, and conscious, which constructs a heritage, memories, and a passport to peace," as defined by Claudio Ricci, Mayor of Assisi and the President of the Association Italian Cities and Sites UNESCO. The World Tourism Expo in conjunction with UNESCO, represents the first world meeting focused on human heritage.
The projects take into consideration the organization of a yearly exposition in order to support the UNESCO sites. The event offers exhibitors a qualified and well-organized venue in which to showcase their opportunities to tour operators and journalists from all over the world.
During the event, which will be held for three days from November 19-21, 2010 in Assisi, Italy, there will also be meetings and manifestations where experts, operators, and professionals will be present. During these meetings, the main themes which involve this field, such as the exploitation and marketing of UNESCO World Heritage sites, will be considered from a tourist's point of view on sustainability.
Cultural tourism, whose main character cultural heritage, has been developing from the position of buyers and sellers. The wonders of the world are considered a source of wealth, and they can be exploited from an economic point of view and also for their cultural and spiritual values. They are there for us, to be admired, to be enjoyed, and to satisfy us.
In 1972, the general conference of the organization of the United Nations for Education, Science, and Culture (UNESCO) approved the international convention for the patronage of world heritage. There, they defined the inalienability of culture and of nature as fundamental elements for the development of our society and for the world’s peace and solidarity.
UNESCO's World Heritage sites represent how we may benefit from the past and what we will give to future generations. UNESCO's aim is to catalogue and elect some of these wonders to World Heritage status, giving them protection.
Being on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites means to be universally recognized for peculiarities such on the cultural, social, and environmental level. All of the sites have to be universal, unique, and irreplaceable (in case of their loss) and have to satisfy at least one of the criteria fixed by the committee for World Heritage status.
Creating a World Heritage program is more than a simple collection of natural and cultural sites that are somehow in a dangerous position; it is linked to the process of creating a collective identity.
During the World Tourism Expo in Assisi, the second edition of the ”Responsible Tourism Awards,” created in 2009 to identify incoming operators, regions, and towns that organize travel with respect to the environment and culture, will be presented.

Top 5 cities to visit in Thailand

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With several sights to see and surprises to offer, Thailand could be one of the best locations you should not miss to visit. Culture, beaches, people, and heritage sites are some of the things you can expect when you travel to Thailand.
Bangkok – traveling Thailand wound not be complete without visiting Bangkok. As the nation’s capital with an estimated population of over 10 million (including the neighboring provinces), this city is by far the largest in the country. The city is divided into 50 districts or khet but for tourists and those who are new in the place, 6 divisions would be more useful. These are Ratchadaphisek in the northeast section of the city, Sukhamvit in the southeast, Silom in the south, Thonburi in the west, Rattanakosin in the central north, and Phahanyothin in...

The 7 Wonders of Portugal will definitely sort out your itinerary

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In tourism terms, drawing up a fresh list of the Seven Wonders of the World is a bit like reinventing the wheel.
Three years ago on a hot summer's night in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon - on the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year, to be precise - the New 7 Wonders of the modern world were announced amidst much pomp and ceremony. Jay-Lo sizzled and sang, Joaquim Cortés dazzled and danced, and MC Ben Kingsley waxed very lyrical about the importance such an initiative promises for the many future generations due to inherit the earth.
The new list did make interesting, if not surprising, reading as the Great Wall of China, Petra, Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Colosseum, and the Taj Mahal "officially" replaced Herodotus and his contempories' original...

Vacation rentals - available and popular under any conditions

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For years, we've been advising our readers to rent short-term apartments whenever they plan to spend more than a few days in expensive cities like Paris and New York. Short-term apartment rentals can help travelers save money on both lodging and meals, while providing a more authentic experience.
Regardless of recent headlines concerning new rules — or supposed new efforts to enforce old rules — for short-term rentals, we still endorse the option as a smart, fun, and safe way to stay. While there may be new implications for owners seeking to rent out their properties in these cities, renters themselves face no possibility of fines or problems of any kind with the local authorities. "There's nothing illegal that the traveler is doing when staying in a vacation rental," says Carl...

Five shows you ought to see while in Las Vegas

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No Las Vegas escape should be considered complete without taking in a few shows. Shows in Las Vegas take entertainment to an entirely new level with fabulous glamor, glitz, and some major performers. If you are planning a visit to Las Vegas, be sure to make reservations for the shows that you wish to see prior to arriving if at all possible since many of the top events are sold out months in advance.
Cirque de Soleil (Circus of the Sun) has four permanent productions in Vegas with additional shows in planning stages. Their original show, at first projected to run for a limited time, was so well-liked that it was signed on indefinitely. Cirque de Soleil is based in Quebec, Canada and at first started with a couple of street performers. It is a circus without animals and the shows in Las...

Carribean region wouldn't be so stunning without the Bermuda islands

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Of all places in and around the Caribbean region, Bermuda is one that caters to both elite and middle-class people. Yes, even your family can spend a short vacation there. While many rich and powerful personalities go to Bermuda for some exclusive leisure time at the beach, there are certain spots here which you and your family can enjoy without spending tons of money.

Bermuda has lots of beaches and they come in different sizes, most of which are made open to the public. For a budget traveler like you, public beaches are the way to go. Here you can mingle with both the tourists and the locals while enjoying Bermuda’s unique culture and way of life. On the other hand, the VIP’s tend to go for the private beaches where they mostly maintain an exclusive residence or a beach vacation...

The great retail complex in Qatar is just several years away

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Qatar's largest multipurpose complex will be located on the northern highway linking Doha International Airport with the proposed Bahrain Causeway and will include a full retail center, an entertainment park, and two hotels - designed with the visitor in mind.

Al-Futtaim, Qatar Islamic Bank, and Aqar Real Estate Investment signed an AED 6 billion (QAR 6 billion, US$1.6 billion) joint venture agreement to construct the state-of-the-art entertainment and retail complex in Doha, slated to become a driving force behind Qatar's diverse economic development.

Construction for the 433,000 sqm project - the first of its kind in the country - will begin in early 2011. The first retail phase is slated for completion in the first quarter of 2012, and the remaining two phases will be completed...

The best destinations for the fall season

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If you're fortunate enough that you can travel when you want - instead of when your employer or school wants - fall is a great time to get going.
Weather is pretty good in most popular tourist areas, the summer crowds are gone and the snowbirds haven't started their southern migrations yet. In fact, in most areas, the period between Labor Day and the mid-December start of year-end festivities is generally the slowest time of the year in travel - always excluding the short-trip spike around Thanksgiving.
Here are a few suggestions:

Family tourist areas
If you have a hankering to revert to your childhood, fall is a good time to visit any major family venue - Disney World, Disneyland, Six Flags, whatever. Once school starts again, family travel generally dries up until summer, with a...

Kauai vacation rentals - claim the best of your holiday

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Vacation rental is a place which is fully furnished where people go for a retreat by renting it for a certain period of time. A Kauai vacation rental is one of the best vacation rentals. It is located in Kauai islands which is one of the oldest and major islands of Hawaii. Kauai covers an area of 5623 square miles which is the fourth largest island in Hawaii also referred to as Garden Isle because of its flourishing greenery and tropical foliage. Going for a retreat means leaving everything and having a total rest of mind.

You have to definitely keep certain factors in mind while choosing the vacation rental. The very first and the most important aspect is regarding the budget. Planning has to be done on the expected expenses including the rent for the home. Always compare the budget...

Your Anguilla vacation - enjoy the tranquility

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Serene and secluded – these are just three words that describe Anguilla and will give you a hint as to why this island in the Caribbean is an idyllic one for a vacation. The island is relatively flat and the white sandy beaches around the coast, no less than 30, are shaded by sea-grape trees. This island is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands that gained its independence in 1980. English is the predominant language, since it was part of the British Empire and the influences of this heritage can be seen all over Anguilla.
The weather is mainly cool and dry with an average temperature of about 27 degrees. There is no system of public transportation on the island, but there are lots of taxis and places where you can rent a car. In keeping with the British tradition, drivers must...

Miami nightlife as it is

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Miami is the hottest and most exciting city located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida. It is the seat of Miami-Dade County, the most populous in Florida. Miami is well-known globally due to its finance, commerce, culture, media, fashion, film and international trade. Known as the Gateway of the Americas, Miami is an international center for entertainment, music, fashion, culture and art. The namesake port, Port of Miami is the busiest cruise ship passenger port in the world. Located near the southern tip of the Florida peninsula, Miami enjoys some of the warmest, tropical weather in the US and is a mere boat ride from the Bahamas and the Cayman islands.
As a cultural and international trade centre, Miami is one of the most exciting and often-portrayed locations in the world....

Listings placement recommendations

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Answering the inquiries to our support department we saw that most of the issues are of the same origin. So we decided to provide you with some recommendations to make your listing more effective.

Adjust your photos

It is much more pleasant to view your property when the corresponding photos are of similar size. Consider using image editing software to match the dimensions. Try to avoid small pictures as important details can be unintentionally omitted.

Check your location

Even if you are certain your map tag is placed correctly on our maps, make sure you check it regularly. If something is incorrect or your property is not displayed on the map, send us your correct latitude and longitude and we will fix it. If you don’t know or have doubt about your coordinates, then...

Cabins - the best way to experience the mountains

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Having a mountain vacation without actually staying in one of the mountain log cabins does not seem to have the same appeal as if you had stayed in one of them. There are some lovely unique timber cabins just waiting for people to go and stay in them.

The mountain cabins may look quite basic when you see them from the outside. But when you get inside you will see that they can still offer the same modern day amenities that you can get from many of the hotels in the area. Cabins can vary greatly according to their location and size. If you are a lone traveler or even a group of friends there is a cabin to suit your needs.

You could be a loving couple trying to find some romantic place for the weekend or a family going on vacation. These cabins are a much better choice than the hotels...

The French Alps - a popular destination and a picturesque place

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A popular area that is ideal for vacations, the French Alps were crafted from glaciers which have corresponding valleys with a mild climate and rich soil. Part of the European chain of mountains that is known as the Alps is renowned for its captivating beauty featuring Alpine lakes. It is one of France’s most popular tourist regions along with Paris and the Côte d'Azur. Also the Alps are the biggest mountain range in Europe that spread through France, Italy and Switzerland with the highest peaks forming a natural barrier with Italy.

There a few towns in the French Alps in which at first glance may seem like an inhospitable and isolated section of France. Actually they are loaded with towns that are linked and popular all year round. The Alps are divided into two provinces, Savoy in...

How to make the best of your trip with Hawaiian vacation rentals

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Are you in the process of planning a trip to Hawaii? If you are, you may be interested in booking a stay at a Hawaii vacation rental. While you will find some variances, Hawaiian vacation rentals are known for their beauty and their privacy, especially when compared to traditional hotels and vacation resorts. Those are just a few of the many reasons why vacation rentals in Hawaii are increasing in popularity.

As you are likely to know already, you will have a number of different options when it comes to making reservations for a vacation rental in Hawaii. The phrase 'vacation rentals' is often used to describe a number of establishments, including vacation homes, vacation apartment rentals, vacation villas, vacation cottages, as well as vacation condos. As nice as it is to have a...