Get to know some of the top travel destinations for the year 2011

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In 2011, travelers want to be able to book their travel with their mobile devices, and they are looking for vacation package deals where they can save on airfare, hotel, and car by purchasing all trip aspects at once. This is according to in-house industry experts at Orbitz, who are also predicting London and Australia to be the hotspots for the current year.

London's popularity is already noticeably improved due to the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton that will take place on April 29. And when Oprah Winfrey hollered out to her audience, "We're going to Australia!" she granted the country her noble touch of gold - whatever Oprah talks about, is like sending a message on a skyrocket to be emblazoned on the global skies.

And what will be the best destinations in 2011?

If you're looking for a great family destination in 2011, Hawaii will be home of the long-awaited and highly-anticipated Disney Aulani Resort at Ko'olina, scheduled to open in August. "This new construction is Disney's first foray into the Hawaii market and will give the island an even more magical feel," said Lisa Kroll, Hawaii destination expert and Regional Director for Orbitz Worldwide. "Travelers can also expect lower airfares due to increased flight service to the islands."

Las Vegas
Looking for a vacation destination filled with great hotels and star-studded nightclub experiences? If so, Las Vegas is your vacation spot for 2011. "As Las Vegas winds down its last big wave of hotel construction, consumers can look forward to more luxurious accommodations, such as the brand new Cosmopolitan, which features a hot new nightclub and awe-inspiring views from private terraces overlooking the Las Vegas Strip," said Reid Webster, Las Vegas destination expert and Regional Director for Orbitz Worldwide.
"With increased room supply in the destination and the need to get heads in beds, consumers can also expect Las Vegas to offer affordable average daily hotel rates in 2011."

"Pristine beaches, varied entertainment, and a modern and complete airport and hotel infrastructure, continue to make Cancun a traveler favorite year after year," said Antonio Pitta, Cancun destination expert and Regional Director for Orbitz Worldwide. "And, with such easy access from the United States, Cancun is expected to once again top international destination travel lists in 2011."

Some useful tips on starting your vacation rental business

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As investors speculate whether the real estate market is about to make a turnaround, some are considering offering second homes as vacation rentals, which can supplement operating expenses incurred when the property isn't in use. But before you sign closing documents expecting it's as simple as creating an account with any of the popular vacation-rentals-by-owner sites, here are a few tips to make sure you know what to expect and are investing in a home people really want to rent.

Do your homework
You've likely watched endless episodes of House Hunters in which buyers swoop in for 24 hours in St. John and buy one $1 million property from among three homes. That's not how it works in the real world. If you're planning to buy a second home for use as a vacation rental, do yourself a...

Things to see and visit in Rome in 2011

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The Forum Roman is dressing up in new ecologic light and illuminating one of the most precious and beautiful places in the "Eternal City" until the early hours of dawn (2:00 am). Since December 30, 2010, radiant light from Campidoglio to Titus Arch - all along the ancient way from Temple Vespasious to the Temple of Saturn (700 meters) - is illuminating the architectual glory of Rome’s past. Over 140 projectors have been installed, bringing to light and life, a past which has been hidden by night for ages.

This brillant idea is supposed to make up for the new tourist tax that begain on Janauary 1, 2011, adding a cost of 1 euro for entry into Roman museums.

“The tourists not asking for discounts but asking for highlights and Bellezza," explained Francesco Giro, Italy’s...

Archaeological discoveries in Turkey predict a tourism boost

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This year has been a bumper one for archaeology in Turkey with a number of new sites and finds unearthed. Highlights include newly discovered lost cities and significant artifacts from ongoing excavations.

The discovery of the lost city of Germenicia in Kahramanmaras with its many houses decorated with mosaics such as found in Ephesus and Zeugma.

The antique Roman city of Julianopolis close to Ankara during whose unearthing the ancient city of Parnassos was also discovered.

In Istanbul and its surrounds, findings include ceramics of the Roman and Byzantine period and a Roman tombstone at the ancient city of Bathoneia situated at the edge of Lake Kucukcekmece, Istanbul. A 60-metre section of a Roman road and a tunnel have been found in Kocaeli. A temple with statues of Aphrodite...

Enjoy exclusive art at five US airports

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Rushing around is standard airport behavior, but surprising collections of art at U.S. airports offer a moment for reflection - for those who have the time.
Here are five airports where you can catch some art on the way to catching your flight.

1. Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, was one of the first airports in the United States to integrate art into its public spaces, according to its officials.
Some 30 permanent art exhibits are on display at the airport, including "Mustang," a 32-foot tall, bright blue, cast fiberglass horse sculpture with gleaming red eyes.
New Mexico artist Luis Jiménez created the 9,000-pound piece - the largest of his career.
Jiménez died while working on the sculpture in 2006 when a large section of the...

Sabah - one of the most diverse states of Malaysia

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“Malaysia Truly Asia” is the tried and tested advertising slogan, which has considerably helped brand Malaysia and implant its unique identity to the world. The country is truly Asian and is made up of a potpourri of ethnic races, cultures, and religions. It is precisely this ethic mix, or cultural cappuccino, that brings out the best in Malaysia. From its food to its traditions the country is one of the most diverse and yet tolerant nations in Asia, if not the world. It is home to three main races - Malay, Indian, and Chinese - all practicing their respective religions alongside a multitude of many Christian churches, which prevail throughout the country.

Kuala Lumpur is home to the iconic Petronas Towers and is a vibrant commercial capital home to both government and commerce....

Bukittinggi - you must have never heard of it

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Is tourism normalization on its way in West Sumatra? While Padang is still struggling to recover as urban reconstruction moves at slow pace, the rest of the province is back to the normal. This is especially true in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra’s largest tourist destination. The city has a population of over 90,000 inhabitants and is considered as the cradle of the Minangkabau culture, the principal ethnic living in the region. Only 90 km from Padang, the city can be reached from the capital in two hours. Its cool climate made it a favorite retreat during the Dutch colonial time as many European-style bungalows still testify. Next to the Jam Gadang (a clock tower built in 1926 by the Dutch) a local open-door market is the most attractive destination for tourists. Bukittinggi offers also a...

2011 Seychelles Carnival - don't miss out!

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When the Seychelles islands were first settled, it was by a blend of individuals of different ethnicity, customs, and ways of life. Throughout its history and to this very day, Seychelles has continued to be a melting-pot of peoples from the four corners of the Earth who have each contributed their particular thread to the fabric of this vibrant yet peaceful society, adding to it and being, themselves, subtly transformed in return.

Against this background of multi-culturalism, diversity, and the coming together of peoples, it is fitting that Seychelles should be, once again, the focal point of an annual "Carnaval des Carnavals" – bringing representatives from the world’s carnivals to the islands to participate in three days of...

Goa - a place of spirituality and bliss

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The murmuring of winds, the soft sun rays pampering your skin and the waves of the ocean swirling beneath will sweep you off your feet at Goa. Situated in the Southern region of India, off the Arabian Sea at west coast Goa is blessed with enormous exquisite beaches. The smallest state of India, Goa houses lovely beaches and captivating natural beauty. Travellers from world over are charmed by the picturesque beaches, breath- taking beauty and relaxed life style of the popular ‘Ibiza of India’.

Dotted with palm groves the beaches of Goa are full of life and are thus favourite spot of all. For fun and frolic the beaches here offer a variety of options ranging from water sports for adventure freaks to small shacks offering delectable sea food for gourmets. Goa offers its visitors...

Cancun Underwater Museum - a hand-made wonder

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The Cancun Underwater Museum officially opened its doors, completing the exhibition titled “The Silent Evolution” by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. With 400 life-size sculptures submerged, this completed phase 2 of the world’s largest underwater museum, located in the beautiful waters of Cancun.

The National Park located on the West Coast of Isla Mujeres, Punta Cancun and Punta Nizuc, welcomes approximately 750,000 tourists a year and is now home for this impressive sculpture museum. Just days after almost all the sculptures were submerged, the welcoming they received by Mother Nature was amazing, with hundreds of swarming 'grey angel' fish, that up until now, were rarely seen around the area. The main gallery is formed by 400 life-size figures, based on real people. Its building...

Winter vacations can be spent best in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica, an amazing diverse country and a global leader of sustainable tourism, has put together a broad variety of vacation packages and discounts for the upcoming holiday season. Travel deals are available after the Thanksgiving weekend through the first few months of 2011.

Whether someone is looking to enjoy beautiful sun and beaches, relax with the family, explore nature, take in a second honeymoon with someone special, or all of the above, Costa Rica has something for everyone. There are over 70 special travel promotions running throughout the country. These travel promotions will only be valid for a limited time, so travelers shouldn’t miss out on the chance to book today.

Vacation packages and promotions will be running across the country and in all of your favorite...

Airport security checkpoints - be prepared

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There are three things that are all but certain during the winter high-travel season: family gatherings, plenty of food, and strict security at the nation's airports.

To improve the safety of passengers, the federal government has introduced advanced imaging technology at some of the country's airports. These are machines designed to screen people for weapons, explosives, or other items that might present a security risk.

Here is some information to help you learn more about how this technology works, as well as tips to help you prepare for the busiest travel season of the year.

How Advanced Imaging Technology Works

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has installed two types of body scanners with advanced imaging technology at dozens of airports across the...

Seoul - a Soul of Asia and a World Design Capital

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Travelers who visited Seoul a decade ago might probably remember South Korea’s capital as a rather bleak place. But Seoul has changed beyond recognition in the last five years. “Rising standard of living in the population has suddenly redefine priorities in Seoul. In the past, Seoul used to build quick and cheap to accommodate a growing population. With more and more affluent people, Seoul has now decided to reinvent itself and fix architecture failures from the past,” explained Maureen O’Crowley, Senior Director, MICE marketing Tours at Seoul Convention Bureau, during a presentation on Seoul.

Seoul’s location has always been exceptional: the massive 10-million people city is adorned by a chain of mountains, giving the city its distinctive shape and impressive vistas. “From...

Ski resorts in Colorado - a good reason to plan out your winter vacation

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There are many great ski resorts in the state of Colorado. Determining which is the best ski resort in Colorado for your ski vacation is often dependent upon skier ability, desired terrain, nightlife, and other available resort activities. The best ski resort for a Colorado local might not be the best ski resort for the destination ski resort vacationer.

Aspen/Snowmass Ski Resort

Aspen and Snowmass Village are located in the Roaring Fork Valley of Central Colorado. They host two of Aspen Skiing Company's four ski resorts that are all located within a 12 mile radius. Aspen Mountain offers expert skiers steeps, bumps and glades while Snowmass offers vast terrain for every ability level of skier and snowboarder. It is one of the best ski resorts in Colorado for locals and destination...

Disneyland to stimulate a theme park development in China

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Zhong Xi, a Fudan University graduate, is eagerly anticipating the opening of the new Disneyland park in Shanghai, although work, which starts this month, is not expected to finish until 2014.

"I have called on my classmates to have a reunion on that day - five years after we graduate from university," Zhong said.

Many of her classmates are Mickey Mouse fans or enthusiasts of other Disney cartoon figures. They were all born after 1980, and Mickey Mouse clothes, Donald Duck stationery or Snow White dolls are part of their childhood memories.

It is reported that Shanghai Disneyland will include a Magic Kingdom-style theme park with characteristics tailored to the Shanghai region.

"I am wondering what the result of combining Western cartoon figures with Chinese elements will be...