Tourism Australia launches A$250M campaign in China

06.06.2012 In: World travel news

The latest phase of Tourism Australia’s global marketing campaign, There’s nothing like Australia, has been launched today in China - Australia’s fastest growing and most valuable overseas tourism market.

New broadcast, print and online advertising materials were unveiled in Shanghai by the Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Martin Ferguson AM MP alongside Tourism Australia’s Chairman Geoff Dixon and Managing Director Andrew McEvoy.

Tourism Australia will spend approximately A$180 million over the next three years rolling out the evolving campaign in its key international markets and in Australia. It expects to achieve a total investment of A$250 million by securing up to A$70 million in additional funding from industry partners to support joint marketing activities, aimed at promoting Australia with a clear and consistent voice.

In addition to a new broadcast ad and print executions the campaign boasts a strong digital and social media focus, and will leverage the advocacy of Tourism Australia’s three million Facebook fans. Other elements include a new, interactive tablet app and hub on , to take customers further into the stories played out in the ad and provide more information on the locations.

Tourism Australia Managing Director, Andrew McEvoy, said the latest iteration of the campaign builds on an already successful and established platform by highlighting some of Australia’s best tourism attractions, experiences and products that showcase why there is nothing quite like Australia.

The Insider’s Guide to Istanbul

04.06.2012 In: Travel tips

Going to Istanbul? Prepare to be astounded, for Istanbul is one of the most intriguing metropolises in the world.
For more than 1600 years the city served as capital for two major world empires, first of the Byzantines and then of the Ottoman Turks, and has remained the cultural capital of Turkey since the country’s founding in 1923. The brilliance and beauty of this long legacy can be found throughout the city, in its monuments and in the spirit of its people.

Throughout its extensive history Istanbul has also been attracting a certain type of traveler. As a “bridge” between Europe and Asia, the city has lured in foreigners from the West to see at first hand the mysteries of the East, and from the East to see at first hand the mysteries of the West.

Over the past ten years...

Tourism as a job creator in the USA

13.05.2012 In: World travel news

As part of National Travel and Tourism Week, the Obama administration on Thursday announced plans to boost tourism in America by attracting almost twice as many foreign visitors over the next decade.

“Tens of millions of tourists from all over the world come and visit America every year,” President Obama said in a statement. “They stay in our hotels, they eat at our restaurants, they visit our attractions, and they help create jobs. At a time when too many Americans are still looking for work, we need to make it easier for more people to visit this country and keep our economy growing.”

Commerce Secretary John E. Bryson and Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar outlined for reporters the White House’s new National Tourism and Travel Strategy, calling the plan a...

Things to do in San Francisco

12.11.2011 In: Travel destinations

San Francisco is one of the prettiest cities in the world, and has been used as the setting for countless movies and TV serials, including Dirty Harry, Vertigo, Ironside, and The Streets Of San Francisco. It is also one of the most forward-thinking and tolerant cities in the world, having been at the forefront of the hippy movement in the 60s and the gay liberation movement of the 1970s. If you're in San Francisco, make sure you choose a San Francisco vacation rental as your accommodation, you'll get more than short-term lodging - you'll get an experience and memories to last a lifetime. Every year, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, keen to sample the legendary SF lifestyle.

San Francisco is home to one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world, the...

Good news for India tourists - no more state restrictions

26.04.2011 In: Travel destinations

Next time a tourist to India wanting to visit Mount Abu and then wants to drive down to Gujarat, he will not be required to contact tour operators in Gujarat separately.

The Indian Times reports that tourists can contact either the Gujarat Tourism Department or the Rajasthan Tourism Department to assist in making arrangements, irrespective of the state the traveler wants to visit, thanks to a promotion of interstate tourism.

In order to bring in tourists to Gujarat and to market its sight-seeing places, the state tourism department has entered into a pact with Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Punjab for interstate tourism.

It has already started selling North Gujarat with Rajasthan. The department is promoting Shamlaji, Kesariyaji, Udaipur, Chittorgadh, Haldighati, Nathdwara, Charbhuja,...

A pick of vacation destinations from the royal couple

26.04.2011 In: Travel tips

Prince William and Kate Middleton have never been the stay-at-home types. A traveler could plan a royal (and royally expensive) getaway just following in their footsteps. The couple has journeyed to some of the world's most luxurious spots. Here are five places to catch the flavor of a royal vacation.

Desroches Island, Seychelles

Kate and William rekindled their romance here with a getaway in 2007. The private, three-mile-long Indian Ocean coral atoll is surrounded by clear turquoise water, and is reached by private plane. The five-bedroom Presidential Villa would seem perfect for the honeymooners, but others can book a beachfront suite for a mere $1,000 per person per night. If you'd like to follow their steps, find a vacation rental in Seychelle that would suit your needs....

Falklands’ Conflict legacy - a good reason to visit the islands

18.04.2011 In: Travel destinations

The Falkland Islands will be back in the spotlight next year with the 30th anniversary of the British-Argentine conflict (2nd April – 14th June 1982). Visitors today come to marvel at one of the last untouched wildlife wonders of the world as well as to commemorate the war. Here are just some of the reasons to visit these amazing islands in 2012 and beyond.

Natural Nirvana

A compact archipelago of more than 740 Islands – many uninhabited – the Falklands offer an unspoilt, tranquil wildlife haven affording up-close-and-personal encounters with penguins in their thousands, the chance to see dozens of rare birdlife as well as offshore highlights including orcas hunting seals and dolphins playing in the surf.

Endless landscapes, pristine coast and beautiful white sand...

Top 10 wine regions of the world

18.04.2011 In: Travel destinations

We all know the feeling you get when you settle into your favorite couch with a glass of wine. Ever wondered how it's done around the world? Then check out these recommendations for the best destinations around the world to enjoy a lovely drop. You will get a new found appreciation for sommeliers and make yourself look good at dinner parties. Just leave plenty of room in the suitcase for the trip home.

1. Champagne, France - According to French law, only bubbly grown in this region and bottled according to the strictest standards can be labeled as Champagne. Here, you can pop the cork of France's best-known brands, including Dom Perignon, Perrier Jouet, Veuve Clicquot and Moët & Chandon. For those feeling adventurous, you can try the age-old art of sabrage - removing the cork from a...

Going to Europe? Read some tips as to what to ask first

11.04.2011 In: Travel tips

Traveling to Europe may be a dream of yours that is finally about to come true. Now that it is, you want to ensure that everything goes exactly as planned. Many choose to stay in a vacation rental rather than a hotel or other lodgings which accommodate a number of people. If you choose to go this route, you need to know that the property you are renting is suitable. Here are five questions to ask about vacation rentals in Europe that every traveler should remember when booking the trip:

- If problems arise during your stay, how will they be handled? Will the owner or property manager be accessible at all times so a problem can be reported and handled in a timely manner? As a vacation can be ruined by a lack of hot water or a bug infestation, you definitely need to know how issues will...

9 American houses that will amaze you

11.04.2011 In: Travel destinations

Houses are generally private places. (No trespassing, please!) Some of America’s coolest houses, however, let you peek behind the curtains to inspire and satisfy your curiosity. Cool houses are always experiments, domestic laboratories where designers, builders, and homeowners work out better ways to live.

When you think of experimental architecture, you usually think big: a museum by Santiago Calatrava or a city library by Rem Koolhaas. But the innovations that truly change our lives happen at home. America’s coolest houses may have started out as experiments, but today they’re guaranteed to be an interesting visit. Even if you can’t sip your morning coffee in the kitchen of California’s Hearst Castle, spending a little time in someone else’s pad might give you a few new...

Top 10 party places - never too much

04.04.2011 In: Travel tips

The sun isn't the only thing that heats up between June and August in the Northern Hemisphere, the season also ignites the hottest summer party spots.

Top 10 Hottest Summer Party Spots north of the equator are:

Ibiza, Spain – Known for attracting world class DJs and referred to as the 'party capital of the world', Ibiza is home to some of the world's most famous clubs and brings revelers in their millions. The heaving club scene is complemented by a diverse collection of bars and Ibiza has also recently been home to the popular live music event, Ibiza Rocks.

Ios, Greece – Ios is the party capital of the Cyclades islands and is a haven for younger tourists. You'll need some stamina to survive the late night summer action in Chora, so once you've had enough, you can visit any...

Fantasy islands can sometimes be a reality

04.04.2011 In: Travel destinations

An advanced city submerged under sea; an ancient garden paradise bearing a tree of knowledge; an island of bird-women seductresses -- the stuff of pure fiction. Or perhaps not?
Far-off, mysterious islands provide the setting for some of our favorite myths and folklore. But more often than not, they have their roots in real-life locations.
From the Caribbean cove of Treasure Island to the sunken city of Atlantis, here's a travel guide for those who fancy a sailing holiday with an allegorical twist.

Treasure Island
The definitive swash-buckling tale of one-legged pirates, treasure maps and talking parrots centers around a tiny island somewhere in the Caribbean. Starring the rum-swigging buccaneer Long John Silver, the story was penned by 19th century Scottish author Robert Lewis...

Top 10 ways to look confident on your journey

28.03.2011 In: Travel tips

Don't play the fool on April 1. Here is a list of the Top 10 ways to avoid looking like a "foolish" tourist, helping you decrease your chances of being approached with insistent offers of souvenirs, tours, or unscrupulous timeshare salespersons. Walk, talk and act like a local, no matter where you are in the world:

1. NO fanny packs - also known as the Buffalo pouch, hip sack, waist bag, hip pack or bum bag, nothing says "I'm not from around here," like a bulging hump around your midsection.

2. Plan ahead - There is nothing wrong with consulting the map in private to gain your bearings, but try and avoid the dazed "where am I?" expression, especially in crowded city streets.

3. Camera see, camera go - for those who are not professional photographers, try and avoid the tell-tale...

Iceland - one of the best places to visit

28.03.2011 In: Travel destinations

Except for an occasional volcano, Iceland is perhaps one of the best places on the planet to live, work, climb mountains, scale glaciers, ride bikes, and get rid of pesky acne (in the geothermal baths). National pastimes include swimming in one of the 130-heated pools after an 8-mile hike up and down mountains to experience awesome waterfalls, cooling volcanic lava, and endless pollution-free blue sky.

Iceland is wealthy and ranked among the top 10 countries in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. One notable measure used to determine a country’s quality of life is the Human Development Index (HDI) compiled by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The HDI combines several indicators which measure a country’s achievements in three main areas of human...

Underwater music festival in Florida Keys - an absolutely outstanding event

21.03.2011 In: World travel news

In the Florida Keys, things happen a bit differently than they do in the rest of the world and that includes music festivals. Surrounded by the sea, the 120-mile island chain has staged one of its signature musical events underwater since 1985. The 27th annual Underwater Music Festival is set for 9 July 2011 at Looe Key Reef, an area of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary located approximately six miles south of Big Pine Key.

Each year, the subsea songfest draws as many as 600 divers and snorkelers to explore the colourful diversity of marine life that characterises the continental United States’ only living coral barrier reef. The marine musical event is staged by Keys radio station WWUS 104.1 FM, locally called US 1, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Music is broadcast...