Medical tourism around the world

13.07.2010 In: Travel destinations

Medical tourism is the latest buzz in healthcare industry around the world. Over a period of twenty years an array of hospitals and health care centres has developed, providing affordable medical facilities to patients, in accordance to United States, Canada and Europe.

No more patients have to wait in long queues for treatment or for getting best health care services at cheap prices. With the opening of state of art medical facilities in developing and developed countries, a patient is secured of getting assured medical treatment at a reasonable price.

United States and Europe considered as “Mecca for medical treatments” are no longer looked as high as they were earlier. The recently opened health care centres around the globe have procured the best of doctors and infrastructure in competition with US and Europe.

Top medical tourism destinations:

India is an emerging medical tourism destination. Medical Tourists from US and Europe now resort to India for quick healing therapies. Famous for beholding Ayurveda, a 5000 year old science, India has popularized the art and science of the oldest healing therapy present in the world. Patients generally come to India for knee replacement, dental problem, securing good mental and physical health.
India has renowned hospitals with best medical practitioners, and by offering low-cost medical treatment it has segmented itself in the list of famous medical destinations in the world. The cost of treatment in India is one-tenth of that in the United States and Canada.

After India, Thailand is known healthcare destination providing genuine medical treatments at affordable costs. Thailand has high quality amenities with good doctors. The health care centre provides low-priced medical packages to medical tourists from around the world.

South Africa
South Africa is world renowned medical destination and has set its standard by providing expert medical solutions. It has become a popular medical tourism hub and attracts thousands of medical tourists every year. It is a known medical destination for plastic surgery.