Listings placement recommendations

18.08.2010 In: Gulivers Newsletters

Answering the inquiries to our support department we saw that most of the issues are of the same origin. So we decided to provide you with some recommendations to make your listing more effective.

Adjust your photos

It is much more pleasant to view your property when the corresponding photos are of similar size. Consider using image editing software to match the dimensions. Try to avoid small pictures as important details can be unintentionally omitted.

Check your location

Even if you are certain your map tag is placed correctly on our maps, make sure you check it regularly. If something is incorrect or your property is not displayed on the map, send us your correct latitude and longitude and we will fix it. If you don’t know or have doubt about your coordinates, then provide us with a detailed address so we could derive them.

Avoid URLs

Sorry, but we do not allow URL placement in any of the property description or profile fields. If you want the link to your property website to appear on, you should place a reciprocal link there or buy our link placement subscription.

Owner/manager profile

We thought that your vacation rental is not the only thing you wish to share. So we made an effort and now a new owner/manager profile is available to you. Submit more information about yourself, your photo, your home, your location, your nearby places and anything you like. Firstly it will make you more exposed to search and as a result your property is more likely to be viewed and inquired about. Moreover, it will let the customers avoid scams and deal with trusted owners in person.

If you have any questions concerning our innovations or having trouble with your listings, then e-mail us at

Top Five: Quirky Sights in Paris

06.05.2010 In: Gulivers Newsletters

Paris connoisseur and guidebook writer Marsha Moore shares five of the most weird and wonderful secrets of the French capital…

In a city as beautiful as Paris, it’s tempting to stick to the beaten paths leading straight to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Champs Elysée. But Paris is so much more than a collection of clichés; if you lift the lid, it’s full of strange sights from human cadavers to art in the fridge.


Relieve your bladder and get up close and personal with a piece of Parisian history at the same time. Located on Boulevard Arago in front of the La Santé Prison, the city’s last remaining vespasienne – otherwise known as pissoir – is the sole survivor of the 1,200 public urinals that once dotted the streets. Nowadays, Parisians prefer...