Great North American Travel Destinations In June

04.06.2010 In: Travel destinations

The United States of America is home to some of the most spectacular views in the world. From the snowy mountaintops of the Sierra Nevadas in eastern California to the subtropical swamplands of the everglades in southern Florida, we have access to just about every variation of ecosystem imaginable. With so many cheap hotels and cheap airline tickets within our reach, it's definitely something to take advantage of. Being just after spring, when the weather is nice and the vegetation is in full bloom, June is the perfect time of year to plan a getaway. There are many destinations that are exceptionally beautiful during the early summer month of June.

Flagstaff, Arizona sits in the mountains at an elevation of 6,910 ft. Known for its crisp, refreshing mountain air; Flagstaff is extraordinarily beautiful during the summer time, with average temperatures in the 70s to 80s. One of the best things about Flagstaff is its breathtaking view of the San Francisco Peaks, sitting about 7 miles north. If you decide to visit this adorable town, be sure to visit its historical downtown, not to mention the many surrounding sites and book early. Looking for advanced travel to Flagstaff can score you some cheap flights and killer hotel deals. Sedona is a short drive down the switchbacks, and home to some amazing red rock country. If you are a hiker, this is your place. Even better than Sedona, with 5 million visitors from all over the world just between the months of May and October, the nearby Grand Canyon is a must see. Flagstaff, being a mere 90 minutes to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, gives the perfect opportunity to visit astonishing canyon created by the powerful Colorado River.

With an unbelievable 1,960 miles of shoreline, Lake Powell is the aftermath of the Glen Canyon Damn on the Colorado River. Filled with awe-inspiring canyons and deep blue water, Lake Powell is best visited by boat, where you have access to all of the amazing sites it has to offer. Lake Powell is home to some jaw-dropping views that words cannot due justice. With its colorful canyon walls and oddly shaped rocks, it looks as if it's not from this world. If you enjoy water sports and exploring without limits, you would find yourself in paradise here. Lake Powell is truly a site like no other.

Only a state away, tucked away in the Sierra Nevadas where California and Nevada meet, sits Lake Tahoe at an elevation of 6,237 ft. While it may snow through the winter, Lake Tahoe's temperatures are optimal during the month of June, staying in the 70s. The beautiful green, forest covered land has many activities to offer including hiking, boating, swimming and, of course, fishing on the gorgeous lake that is home to many different varieties of Trout.

However, if you prefer the city, Los Angeles is one of the best. Placed on the Pacific Coastline, L.A. is a magnificent city to visit. It is surrounded by numerous surf-influenced beach towns, including Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. If you don't mind a two-hour drive, Big Bear Mountain is a great spot to enjoy many recreational activities. California has it all. Its one of the only states where you can visit the warm, sandy beaches and snow covered mountain tops in the same day.

Though there are many more beautiful places in the western region of our country, the east has a lot to offer as well. Florida's panhandle, known as the Emerald Coast for its emerald green waters, doesn't get the recognition it deserves. We all know South Florida is a great site to see, being home to the Florida Keys and Everglades, but not too many speak of the northwestern region of the state. This could be what is keeping it from becoming over populated like the south, if that's the case; maybe less recognition is a good thing. Navarre beach says it best, "Florida's best kept secret." The Florida panhandle is home to sandy, white beaches unlike any others in the states. The combination of the brilliant emerald green ocean and snow white, soft sand makes this spot a choice place for vacationing.

Our Country is big. These are only a few prime examples of places that are beautiful vacation destinations during early summer time. There's discount airfare available for every place imaginable. So decide which spot is for you and start searching for some cheap flights! They always say "live life to the fullest," and what better way than visiting all the breathtaking places this country has to offer.