Going to Europe? Read some tips as to what to ask first

11.04.2011 In: Travel tips

Traveling to Europe may be a dream of yours that is finally about to come true. Now that it is, you want to ensure that everything goes exactly as planned. Many choose to stay in a vacation rental rather than a hotel or other lodgings which accommodate a number of people. If you choose to go this route, you need to know that the property you are renting is suitable. Here are five questions to ask about vacation rentals in Europe that every traveler should remember when booking the trip:

- If problems arise during your stay, how will they be handled? Will the owner or property manager be accessible at all times so a problem can be reported and handled in a timely manner? As a vacation can be ruined by a lack of hot water or a bug infestation, you definitely need to know how issues will be resolved.

- What is the layout of the house? Is this a flat, a one-story home, or a two-story? Parents with children, the elderly and the disabled often need a one-floor residence while others would prefer two. If traveling with children, ask where the bedrooms are located as you may not want to be on one floor and have your children on another.

- Where is the property located in relation to major attractions? If you have certain tourist attractions that you wish to visit, make sure they are accessible. Ask about public transportation and its location in relation to the home. By doing so, you can hire a rental car before you arrive if that will be necessary.

- What amenities are included in the rental? Many focus on screened in porches or swimming pools, but be sure to ask about linens, cooking utensils, and personal care items in particular. Some rental properties will provide these items while others will expect you to bring them.

- What is your cancellation and refund policy? There are many things in life beyond your control and beyond the control of the property owner. If the trip is cancelled due to a natural disaster or any other occurrence, it is best to know if your money will be refunded and how. You also need to know what happens if your circumstances change and you will be unable to make the trip.

The vacation of your dreams is within reach. You might also need a car hire comparison to find the best price also regarding properties, ask these five questions when renting any property in Europe as this will help to make it happen. Make sure all are included in your rental agreement also so, if a problem does arise, you are covered. Don't overlook these or your trip may not go as planned.