Five shows you ought to see while in Las Vegas

13.09.2010 In: Travel tips

No Las Vegas escape should be considered complete without taking in a few shows. Shows in Las Vegas take entertainment to an entirely new level with fabulous glamor, glitz, and some major performers. If you are planning a visit to Las Vegas, be sure to make reservations for the shows that you wish to see prior to arriving if at all possible since many of the top events are sold out months in advance.
Cirque de Soleil (Circus of the Sun) has four permanent productions in Vegas with additional shows in planning stages. Their original show, at first projected to run for a limited time, was so well-liked that it was signed on indefinitely. Cirque de Soleil is based in Quebec, Canada and at first started with a couple of street performers. It is a circus without animals and the shows in Las Vegas do not use a circus tent. The shows’ principal performers are amazing acrobats whose performances are beyond belief. After experiencing one of the Cirque De Soleil shows in Vegas you may just start to believe people can really fly.
“O”, one of the Cirque de Soleil shows, can be found at the Bellagio. This awe-inspiring production not only features acrobats but also presents astonishing synchronized swimmers. The stage “magically” converts into a swimming pool and then back to a solid stage! Actually experiencing this performance is the only way to fully understand the show’s “wow” factor. There are fire eaters and clowns in the mix at “O” as well. This truly unique production provides an exceptional experience for the whole family.
Mystere, another Cirque de Soleil extravaganza, is staged at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Honored eight times as “Best Production Show” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper, Mystere includes an incredibly talented cast of 72 performers featuring singers, musicians, dancers and world-class acrobats. The inspiring imagery is mesmerizing, the costumes are dazzling and the music is simply unparalleled. The cast members who portray birds seem to actually grow feathers right before your eyes. This is the show that most other Cirque de Soleil shows are compared to.
Penn & Teller nowadays perform in their own theatre at the Rio Hotel and Casino. This duo of comedians/magicians/tricksters has been performing together for over 30 years. They are now signed to an extended contract with the Rio. Penn announces “This is not your typical Las Vegas show,” as the show begins, and then, for the next ninety minutes, they back up that claim with pure entertainment. The show features elements from many of their previous appearances with newly prepared material that is specially designed for their new Las Vegas home. Even when the tricks are explained, the ease, poise, and speed with which these illusions are executed is mind boggling.
Criss Angel astonishes audiences at the Luxor Las Vegas. This show transcends magic, it is downright phenomenal. You may have seen Criss Angel on his television series, Criss Angel: Mindfreak. After enjoying this show don’t be shocked if you leave the theatre believing that magic is real. This show captivates the audience. Young and old alike will be wowed by this magical extravaganza.
Rita Rudner has settled into a new home in Las Vegas at Harrah’s and presents a hilarious comedy show. Rita’s secret comedy weapon is a rapier-like wit cloaked in a soft-spoken delivery that sneaks up on, and then, like a stealth fighter, strikes your funny bone. She captivates audiences with her clever observations, precise timing and Gracie Allen-like deadpan style. With her gentle voice, porcelain skin and big, innocent looking blue eyes, Rita shatters the stereotype of vulgar, crude comediennes through poise, intelligence, and class.
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