Fall Trips: Health and Safety Tips for Fall Travel

05.10.2009 In: Travel tips

Enjoy the Autumn Beauty and Be Prepared

Many people like to plan Fall trips. Some wish to view the lovely Fall foliage and some go for a romantic trip to a rural area or country destination. Fall nature changes are beautifully free and on display. Here are some health and safety tips for your Fall travel.

Don’t let the excitement and fun of your Fall travel trip that you plan turn into a disaster. Plan your Fall trip well ahead of time. Have plenty of gas in your car, especially if you will be traveling down long and lonesome country roads. Be sure and winterize your car before leaving. Make sure that the tires and windshield wipers are in good shape. Have a blanket, towel, paper towels and tissues on hand. Most people enjoy the Fall foliage view while driving their own car. It is important to have an AAA card or car insurance 24 hour roadside assistance service at your disposal. Be sure and take a fully charged cell phone with you. Safe travel is smart travel.

Health and safety tips while enjoying your Fall travel include taking a first aid kit with you. Also, be sure and take any allergy medication that you may need. Have plenty of water for the trip and also some snacks, just in case you get stranded in a desolate country area or on a rural road. Having these items not only makes the trip more enjoyable, it ensures your safety. Safe travel is the way to go! Plan your trip ahead of time so that you can let a friend, relative or neighbor know exactly where you will be going, when you plan on leaving and when you expect to return. This is always a wise travel tip to follow. It may even save your life!

Consider carefully the weather conditions of your Fall travel destination! A guide to Fall travel would not be complete without including these important health and safety tips! Be sure and take the right clothes. Coats, hats, rain gear, umbrellas, rain coats and gloves may be needed if it is cold and wet in the area that you are traveling in! Do wear appropriate travel wear. If you are going to an unfamiliar place and are able to use a GPS device, by all means, do so. It is not fun to be lost and it will waste your precious Fall travel enjoyment time. I remember a Fall trip I took and got lost down a rural road. This was before GPS was available. Don’t let that happen to you!

For those that plan to take a Fall travel vacation to a huge park, camp or large State park area with long wooded trails that you plan to walk or hike through, be sure and check in with the park ranger area. Let them know what your plans are and you can get any maps and important safety information that you need. Safe and healthy travel plans are wise to make. Get plenty of rest, eat well and take care of yourself so that you can have fun! Do any serious picture taking from a safe area, not from a moving car, a busy highway side or dangerous area! Also, if you are the driver, pull over to look. Always pay attention to the road. If you are hiking or walking in the woods, be aware that dangerous animals live there. Use caution.

This health and safety tips guide for Fall travel should help you have a safe Fall trip! Enjoy the beautiful Fall leaves and the Autumn breeze! Safely!