Carribean region wouldn't be so stunning without the Bermuda islands

13.09.2010 In: Travel destinations

Of all places in and around the Caribbean region, Bermuda is one that caters to both elite and middle-class people. Yes, even your family can spend a short vacation there. While many rich and powerful personalities go to Bermuda for some exclusive leisure time at the beach, there are certain spots here which you and your family can enjoy without spending tons of money.

Bermuda has lots of beaches and they come in different sizes, most of which are made open to the public. For a budget traveler like you, public beaches are the way to go. Here you can mingle with both the tourists and the locals while enjoying Bermuda’s unique culture and way of life. On the other hand, the VIP’s tend to go for the private beaches where they mostly maintain an exclusive residence or a beach vacation rental.

The white sands of Bermuda are just one of its main attractions, as its reef is filled with beautiful coral that are perfect for snorkeling too. But you might be surprised to know that at certain times, the white sands of Bermuda turn into pink. The fine sand of the island is perfect for all your water adventures, even for a beach wedding.

St. George’s Beach is one of the finest beaches of Bermuda and it is the perfect spot for surfing. There are lots of other water sports that you can do around here. But of course, you can always enjoy a good swim with your family and the rest of your companions.

What is a little frustrating about the public beaches of Bermuda though is that it follows an opening and closing time. When the sun sets, swimmers would have to evacuate the area as the lifeguards prepare the beach for closing. Nobody is permitted to sleep on the beach either. So unless you’re in the private beach area, you are not allowed to do some night swimming at all.

Every parish in Bermuda has a beach to boast about. This leaves you with lots of options when it comes to picking the perfect beach that suits your budget. When planning a trip to Bermuda, be sure that you include all the details and expenses, regardless how small, so that you will fall well within your budget.

Start with airfare. Try to find out which airlines fly to Bermuda coming from your city the cheapest. You can talk to several travel agencies and their online partners to get the best deals on your ticket. Choose the flight that could take you and your companions to Bermuda in the fastest and easiest way that both your budget and schedule allow.

Every beach in Bermuda is gorgeous. So your main concern should not be the beaches but the accommodations around it. Which area offers cottages, beach houses, or vacation rentals in the lowest rate? With this little research you would be able to find out the budget to experience the paradise of Bermuda without spending all of your family’s savings in a week-long vacation spree.

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