Cabins - the best way to experience the mountains

16.08.2010 In: World travel news

Having a mountain vacation without actually staying in one of the mountain log cabins does not seem to have the same appeal as if you had stayed in one of them. There are some lovely unique timber cabins just waiting for people to go and stay in them.

The mountain cabins may look quite basic when you see them from the outside. But when you get inside you will see that they can still offer the same modern day amenities that you can get from many of the hotels in the area. Cabins can vary greatly according to their location and size. If you are a lone traveler or even a group of friends there is a cabin to suit your needs.

You could be a loving couple trying to find some romantic place for the weekend or a family going on vacation. These cabins are a much better choice than the hotels or motels that you can normally find on these vacations. With cabin sizes ranging from the solitary bedroom to around ten bedrooms there is something here for everybody.

The amenities in the cabins are much the same as many of the hotels with features such as cable TV, fireplaces and many other comforts.

The hotels cannot offer you the same fantastic scenery that these cabins can offer as the cabins are actually situated on the mountains or very close to them.

Obviously the type of cabin that you can stay in will differ depending on the location. If you are in the mountains of a cold climate then the cabins will all have some sort of heating such as fireplaces. If you stay in a warmer climate then you may find that they come with their own swimming pool.

Unlike staying in the hotels the cabins offer you more privacy. But that being said they are still close to either the ski slopes or the hiking trails or whatever other activities are around the area.

So if you do decide on a mountain vacation then you may like to try out one of the mountain cabins for yourself to see how much different your vacation will be.