More Reasons for People To Visit Benidorm

31.03.2013 In: Travel destinations

Benidorm in Spain used to be a sleepy and quiet fishing village until the 1960s when the tourism boom took off. Development, construction and attractions were put up in line with the demand of the package holiday clientele who flocked to the area year after year. In the 1980s Benidorm began to suffer from its own fame, becoming a playground to drunken youths who visited only to wreak havoc, or so it seemed. This kept many of the family holidaymakers away, as they were nervous of these hooligans. However, the Spanish authorities cracked down on this brutish behaviour and increased the police presence in the town. This firm stance has worked well, and the more rowdy elements of the 18 to 30 crowd no longer visit Benidorm. This has encouraged the family groups to return, and Benidorm is, once again, a beautiful place in the sun welcoming visitors for a safe holiday.

There are many luxurious hotels in Benidorm that have learned from long experience how to provide for the needs of their guests. The Villa Venecia Hotel Boutique offers exquisitely decorated and equipped rooms, perhaps a little on the small side for some, but this is more than made up for by the excellent discreet service, the delicious and plentiful food and the superb panoramic views. On arrival you are greeted with a glass of cava, and in the room you are offered a choice of mattresses and pillows. A modern big-screen television is available in every room, and the hotel tries to anticipate your every need.

The Hotel Villa Gadea meanwhile is just outside Benidorm, but the superb service and stunning views more than make up for any slight travel inconveniences. They have a fully equipped spa, and a range of treatments for you to pamper yourself thoroughly. It is even possible to book a junior suite and be daring enough to sit naked in a Jacuzzi on the balcony, while you stare out at the endless expanse of the ocean!
Hotel La Serena is a slightly different kind of hotel, putting great emphasis on the organic sourcing of their foodstuffs and exuding an intimate family coziness, while retaining exquisitely high standards of care. In addition to all the regular services and activities, La Serena has a public swimming pool, and even offers the chance to learn to cook pasta and bread. The heady smell of the latter suffuses the hotel with its divine fragrance, sure to pique beach-honed appetites that little bit more! The rest of the menu is of equally high calibre, with emphasis placed on the local sourcing of fresh, organic produce. The hotel only has ten rooms, but each guest is treated with the care and attention unusually only expected at much larger international hotel chains.

If you can tear yourself away from the luxury of your hotel room, you will find a wealth of wonderful things to do and see in Benidorm. Sightseeing and trying out the many pubs clubs and restaurants are only the beginning of the experience; Benidorm has waterparks and theme parks galore, activities and shows for the whole family, and of course, the three main beaches, each of which has received the highest award for beach care, the Blue Flag. No matter how old you are, or how big your party is, you will find Benidorm can meet your expectations!