Exploring San Antonio and Santa Eulalia in sunkissed Ibiza

As two of the largest cities on the island of Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Eulalia are popular tourist destinations, thanks in part to their wonderfully Mediterranean climate, their fantastic culture and cuisine as well as a variety of other features that attract countless groups of tourists.

San Antonio.

This is one of the clubbing capitals of the world and an impressive town with an abundance of bars, clubs and restaurants. The West End Strip is the location that many young British tourists will be most familiar with and features bars/clubs such as Viva, Tropicana and Funky Flares.

However, there's a lot more to San Antonio than meets the eye. It is a wonderfully attractive part of Ibiza, complete with great stretches of golden beaches, fun water activities for all to enjoy and some beautiful countryside where tourists can gather to enjoy the stunning sunset over the town.

Those seeking to enjoy a few extra thrills on their trip can head to the Arenal Diving Centre for some classes and the wondrous backdrop beyond the town, with its mountainous terrain and hilly peaks, is perfect for mountain-biking as well as long, exploring walks and hiking.

As the location grows in popularity, services offered to potential customers are gradually increasing in quality. Retail outlets selling fashion, fruit and vegetables, souvenirs and many other items are growing more popular, adding to their stock.

Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is praised as being far friendlier for families and couples than the elegant, yet noisy, streets of San Antonio. From the palm promenade running alongside the broad, sandy beach, to the excellent assortment of hotels, this is a charming and relaxing place for anyone to spend their holiday at.

Like San Antonio, its retail industry has picked up in recent times and it's a great place to find souvenirs for home. Its quaint atmosphere is showcased further with its river walks inland, a few yards off its main harbour.

Its eclectic nature is heightened with the presence of Ring O'Bells, a quaint British-themed pub that will be sure to please many. Celler Can Pere Restaurant is another strong staple of this fanciful location and is situated in an authentic vine-yard cellar, complete with a classic menu.

The street of Calle San Jaime is a popular location as it features a number of fine restaurants and bars, promoting an idyllic Mediterranean scene full of lights, live music and a fine fiesta atmosphere. For those seeking something different, make your Ibiza holidays special with Thomson, with San Antonio and Santa Eulalia both excellent places to visit.