2011 Seychelles Carnival - don't miss out!

20.12.2010 In: World travel news


When the Seychelles islands were first settled, it was by a blend of individuals of different ethnicity, customs, and ways of life. Throughout its history and to this very day, Seychelles has continued to be a melting-pot of peoples from the four corners of the Earth who have each contributed their particular thread to the fabric of this vibrant yet peaceful society, adding to it and being, themselves, subtly transformed in return.

Against this background of multi-culturalism, diversity, and the coming together of peoples, it is fitting that Seychelles should be, once again, the focal point of an annual "Carnaval des Carnavals" – bringing representatives from the world’s carnivals to the islands to participate in three days of celebration.

This dynamic event will be an ideal forum for each participating country to raise its profile by showing off its own individual colors to the world’s press and also contribute to the new melting pot of the "Carnaval des Carnavals."

Seychelles is planning an international carnival scheduled to take place in its capital, Victoria, in March 2011, echoing the time when Seychelles first became a melting pot of different cultures from the four corners of the planet.


From March 4-6, 2011, Victoria is set to revisit its multi-ethnic origins when the "Carnaval International de Victoria" comes to town. With participants from several countries with famous carnivals of their own, the Victoria Carnival is on course to bring the capital to life with a grand, open-air restaurant featuring food – and music – from across the world as local hotels, in coordination with various participating countries, set up al fresco restaurants showcasing their particular culture’s culinary skills.


The official opening of the carnival, to be attended by visiting dignitaries from the various participating countries, will take place on a day when festivities are expected to last throughout the night.

Swelled by sailors from international navies whose visits are being planned to coincide with the 3-day carnival, this spectacular event will then move into the Carnival Day featuring a Carnival Procession of participants’ floats on a circular itinerary through the streets of the capital and against a backdrop of music, dance, and colorful costumes. The event will have its very own carnival song, composed by local artists to reflect the country’s three national languages: Creole, English, and French, as well as music from the participants’ countries.

The local population and visitors will all be encouraged to participate in the spirit of the carnival and its various activities. Seychelles is also expected to add its own floats to the procession featuring the attributes of its main islands, so completing the picture of a vibrant international event celebrating the fact that Seychelles remains an important, harmonious melting pot of peoples from across the world.


The three-day Carnival will start with a large, open, alfresco restaurant-styled activity on March 4, when the city of Victoria will be turned into an entertainment venue with music from across the world and with food from the four corners of the planet. Participating countries are being encouraged to work with local hotels to set up alfresco restaurants in Victoria to showcase the different cultures’ culinary skills and delights and to sell their products to the public. Music and food will set the stage for the theme of the Carnival - "the melting pot of cultures." The Victoria city celebrations will take place over a whole day and night during which the concept of "the melting pot of cultures" will truly come alive.

THE OPENING CEREMONY: The official opening of the 2011 Seychelles "Carnaval International de Victoria" will take place in the afternoon of Day 1. Visiting dignitaries, representing various participating countries, will be invited to be present to witness the official launch of the 2011 edition of the Seychelles Carnival, which will take place in the center of Victoria.


The Carnival Day itself is set for the 5th March where floats will gather at the Stadium at Roche Caiman, and move in a Carnival Procession from 10am onwards towards Victoria. The Carnival procession will then tour the main Victoria roads using Francis Rachel Street as its entry point, and return to Roche Caiman Stadium via Independence Avenue and Francis Rachel Street. The procession will follow a circular loop starting at Roche Caiman with school children, spectators and international & local press lining the streets from start to finish. Music and carnival costumes will be in line with the different national floats.

Seychelles will launch a dedicated Carnaval Song, which is being composed by a range of local artists to incorporate the country’s three national languages, Creole, English, and French. Victoria will showcase music from different parts of the world to create the ambience for the different participating countries and to set the scene for Seychelles as the capital city of the the melting pot of cultures.

After the carnival procession, the carnival participants will take the show to Victoria, supported by the local population who will be invited to join in the spirit of the carnival with their own costumes and accessories.


After the carnival procession, the carnival participants will take the show to Victoria, supported by the local population who will be invited to join in the spirit of the carnival with their own costumes and accessories.

The Carnival floats will all assemble at the stadium for a "family fun day" where the different participants will mingle with the local tourist population and with Seychellois coming from all over Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette, and the other islands. Food stalls and beverage outlets will be set about the stadium where an "all-day musical show" will be performed by Seychellois artists and by musical and cultural groups from the various participating countries.

The World of Carnival meets ... the world’s most beautiful islands.